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Commodities still join heaters

1, about the company, product and sales model;
2, or participating in investment will be to visit the company;
3. Fill in the application form to join the proposed intention to join;
4, to provide business license or ID card copies printed, provide address telephone contacts;
5, just discuss cooperation matters;
6, the qualification;
7, signed a cooperation agreement;
8, receive training and guidance;
9, sales site or store arrangement;
10, started the business.

Conditions Office Agent

1, has a profound market insight and strategic vision.
2, appliance industry full of confidence, having good cooperation mentality;
3, has a strong desire to succeed, dedication and management awareness;
4, with a legitimate business license of legal or natural persons;
5, with the corresponding financial strength and investment and good credit standing;
6, identify with the company philosophy, voluntary compliance with management regulations, guidance and supervision;
7, with some marketing experience and ability;
8, has a good sense of service, is willing to provide consumers with quality service and make unremitting efforts;
9, has a mature sales channels and teams preferred.

10 Reasons to join

1, high-quality products that do not market worries
2, the constant pursuit of product development for the sustainable development of the market to provide a solid guarantee
3, unlimited market potential
4, successful experience and more efficient distribution model to start the market
5, professional marketing training for dealers detours
6, strict regional protection system to ensure that the interests of agents
7, advertising support
8, efficient logistics and distribution
9, generous profit margins
10, the low threshold big business success.

Affiliate Support

1.Image System Support:
Authorized to operate & quot; Pinshang & quot; Brand safety fast water heater, providing a range of standardized and unified visual image VI. Franchisee Marketing Center free access to goods still unified image of the store design, unified configuration and advertising materials covered by television, radio, newspapers, specialized magazines, Internet, outdoor advertising and other forms of media advertising support;
2.Operating System Support
Comprehensive training system Pinshang global marketing center specializing in water heater, water heater system is the leader in the industry, beginning from the first day to join, franchisees, manager and clerk to benefit from first-class training programs, accept modernization dealer specialized training courses. Commodities still food franchise operators with many years of experience and a series of training courses advantage, so that franchisees continue to get professional training and advice provided by the chain, to help franchisees continue to progress and grow.

1. "Pinshang"Brand fast electric water heater safety water heater is the instantaneous water heaters industry technology first, providing a full set of complete and scientific, professional and efficient water heater industry operation and management system. Comprising: a store location, personnel training, business analysis, business diagnosis, vulnerability management solutions, marketing programs, performance improvement plan, profit plan, marketing programs, promotional programs, design planning programs.
2. For different regions of the franchisee, water heater market research team of product marketing center is still devoted to the local food market, customer groups and consumer trends in-depth research to provide the latest and the most favorable competitive safeguards for the franchisee.
3. Efforts to help franchisees build first-class elite sales team and the implementation of standardized management system.
4. It provides a set of China's most innovative, most competitive & quot; media industry Operation mode & quot ;, the construction of a wealth channel, fast develop new markets, enhance the brand, increase sales.
5.Facade decoration company responsible for reimbursement, offline distribution and exhibition stand shell prototype unified allotment greatly enhanced the enthusiasm of downline distributors, which will help open the following line distributors, to achieve win-win purposes.
6. Business guidance to support the entire process: from pre-opening training, business planning, to publicize the opening of tracking guidance to ensure the smooth opening franchisee. Just franchisee responsible for recruiting, coordinating local government regulators and organizations to implement the opening of implementation of the plan.
7. Regional market protection and development strategies for support: no matter how large the market, no matter how lucrative, marketing center will always adhere to regional protection policies, more broad market and profit margins to the franchisee, and supports all aspects of the franchisee to open up markets in the region .
8. Series, a full set of promotional support: According to the short season, from time to time the introduction of different forms of marketing programs and distribution of promotional items, posters, product promotional materials.
9. Flexible system of support for replacement: the perfect embodiment of the product for replacement system, the franchisee to dispel concerns about the slow-moving merchandise.
10. Strong marketing and planning tailored support: headquarters and obtained the certification Honor made for operations to promote its franchisee, the headquarters of a good business reputation, the industry leader in design and production capabilities and practical marketing strategic planning for the the franchisee to provide strong backing of win-win cooperation. After professional training courses standardized, systematic, comprehensive and franchisees can be trained to master all the skills and management expertise of a qualified store manager must master, more successful business good stores.
11.The unified arrangement of at least two or more regional manager responsible for development of offline agents and distributors off the assembly line in the region. Within one year of development as well as the secondary assault.

Management System Support:

Will manage the brand management system were simplified, standardized, specialized, modular, the franchisee can derive valuable expertise, thus shortening the time to master the management skills;
Training Support
Marketing Center franchise professional knowledge and management training, regularly sent to the franchise exchanges and operational guidance. They include: professional knowledge (including manufacturing processes, food technology, product advantages, bathing culture), the proper use of management, sales techniques, customer management, inventory management, device management, product display.
Standard, professional operation mode
Marketing Center from site selection to the opening operation have developed a standardized and specialized business model for franchise business use, including renovation manual, manual opening, operation manuals, product knowledge manuals, employee handbooks, manuals and other merchandise management.
Flexible adjustment, replacement mechanism
In order to ensure the interests of the franchisee, marketing center allows franchisees according to business needs and the actual situation of sales, adjusted for some products, a replacement. The first purchase from the date of purchase can hold 180 days of proof of purchase and packaging intact goods handled 100 percent replacement procedures.

Service Support
Complimentary turnover machine for customers to use alternative turnover. Then unified Depot replaced with new machines
Global Marketing Center provides a strong after-sales, customer service support system: the company has a dedicated customer service department, through the customer service line 400-6358-138 24 hours franchisees and consumers of professional services.

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