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Anodized aluminum bar can be used as electric water heaters do
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Anodized aluminum bar can be used as electric water heaters


Magnesium rod, magnesium reactivity series order lively than iron, magnesium rod now the vast majority of products are used in electric water heater, magnesium rod but not the best material for anodic oxidation, the first is the reduction of magnesium is very strong, since corrosion is more serious, in the course will produce particle shedding phenomenon, but fortunately the water heater designers early solution to this problem, the magnesium rod in the middle wearing an iron bar, so as not to corrode in certain extent, magnesium rod fracture. But compared to the life of magnesium rod is still very limited, and in general is about 2 years, so if not promptly replaced, it is likely to cause corrosion liner. And corrosion reactants magnesium rod divalent magnesium ion, constitute the main component of scale.

Electric water heater rod

Then the magnesium rod there are so many disadvantages, you can use aluminum rod it? In fact, aluminum rod is also not suitable materials, aluminum reactivity series order, the ratio of iron and lively, but weaker than magnesium. Although logically it can indeed play a very good protection, and low price, if used in the above anodization should be able to protect the rent for a long time, but aluminum has a feature that is very easy to produce a dense oxide film on the surface, prevent further oxidation, so the rod can not be simply used as such a material.


Therefore, only the incorporation of alloy aluminum rod which makes the oxide film is not complete, to further oxidation. So anodized aluminum rod is used as the water heater is not a problem, but must be added to the alloy, it can achieve the desired effect.

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