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Commodities still ten electric water heater technology development process: the focus of the product concerned Experience
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Commodities still ten electric water heater technology development process: the focus of the product concerned Experience

      Electric water heaters in China has more than thirty years of development history, the last decade was the golden period of development of the water heater, the national production and sales exceeded 25 million units, retail sales exceeded 50 billion, the market has become one of China's largest home appliance category. In this decade, the water heater industry has four major technology upgrade, as & ldquo; Chinese water expert & rdquo; the product is still electric water heaters, each time walking in the forefront of the industry, and Haier, Midea and other brands echoed each other, common promote sustainable development of the industry.

Security: Common pushing electric wall

    The first electric wall technology upgrade is national standard implemented. Anti-power wall technology by the Haier first proposed in 2005, and in 2007 formally written into the national standard. The technical status of the electrical environment for China development, deal with the problem of charged water heater drain itself and the environment caused by leakage. Commodities still water heater brand Haier, Midea and other electric wall as Chinese Alliance members, and actively promote the progress of industry, security technology, full range of products equipped with electric wall technology, bringing the first round of industry reshuffle and product upgrades. Electric wall-type electric water heater and it has laid a dominant position in the Chinese market.

Speed hot: the three leading industry technology

    After 2007, the security basically solved the problem, consumers complain about slow heating electric water heater more original. Major brands began to study how to faster heating, more hot water. Here, Haier 3D dynamic heating technology, the United States and 10 seconds fast heat technology, Pinshang heaters shaped cabin heating technology to become the industry's most advanced three-speed thermal technology, causing the water heater trade-boom, is still fast heat three brands Core Technology.

Energy: Energy Efficiency eliminated thirty-four

In 2010, under the national energy conservation policies favorable background, energy saving become a new hot water heater industry. As early as 2008, the state has promulgated the "storage-type electric water heater energy efficiency limit value and energy efficiency rating", after several years of upgrading, Pinshang electric water heaters, the United States, AO Smith and other brands phasing out the three energy-efficient and less products, saving energy and brand . And launched in 2014, known as synonymous with high-end appliances A + certification, but also around the energy-saving targets to expand. In line with A + certification electric water heaters, energy-saving targets than the level of energy efficiency standards is also higher than 25%, the United States, A.O. Smith, Haier electric water heater and the product is still to become the industry's first batch of A + certified brands of heaters.

Health: Follow bathing water quality landing new position

Enter 2014, health and purifying appliances usher in a large outbreak, health Guajin wind electric water heater industry. Major food brands began to focus on quality of bathing water. United States pioneered the running water, promotion of & ldquo; healthy living washing bath & rdquo ;, win market success. A.O. Smith rapid follow-up, the introduction of high technology equipped interior cleaning water heater. Commodities still electric water heaters launched in 2015 and double-effect liner buffet antibacterial wash two technologies, health food seize new positions, Tech innovators leading the industry in the future, this is the epitome of the water heater industry, a decade of development. No matter which brand, only by constantly developing to meet consumer demand for new technologies and new products in order to survive in the fierce market competition. Chinese brands are also growing competition, to the world. As electric water heater industry practitioners, let us witness the next decade golden age

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