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Storage water heaters installation tips
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Storage water heaters installation tips
Compared to traditional gas water heater, a lot of people prefer the storage-type electric water heater. Because the water heater clean, safe and easy to use. The following items still bring water heater storage water heaters installation tips to help you make better use of the water heater.

  ◆After the first election food decoration
  Water heater installation involves family waterway, pipeline direction, if the pipe fitting reserved improper position, it will lead to water heater installation location is limited, you can not install the product suited to their needs; or out of the water too long, seriously affect the appearance bathroom. Second, water heaters need a wall, there will be a security risk if the placeholder is not load-bearing walls on the words. And if consumers will choose food, you can reserve water heater installation location according to the size and location of access to water, so after the installation is not only beautiful but also save the pipe.

  ◆Installation environmental requirements heaters must be installed on the load-bearing walls, able to withstand the full weight of the water after 4 doubly water heater. If the non-load-bearing walls, then be sure to insert stents and other reinforcing means.
  Install water heater is best to ensure the right end cap away from the wall at least 30cm, to facilitate post maintenance. Use national standard unidirectional polar air switch or circuit breaker, and reliable grounding. Home line and load meter to meet all electrical requirements.

  Tap water pressure not less than 0.05MPa, at the same time not be higher than 0.8MPa, as exceeding this range need to contact with the manufacturers, in order to design new solutions, such as by installing a pressure reducing device to reduce the water pressure. In use, the valve may be a relief hole droplets outflow, which is a normal pressure relief, do not block, disassemble, adjust.
  After installation shall be filled with water before power is strictly prohibited dry.
  ◆Home without running water or low water pressure how to do? Storage-type electric water heaters rely on hydraulic power, to solve the storage-type electric water heaters, water pressure is not enough problems, present, many manufacturers can provide zero pressure solutions for consumers, that is, before the installation of a booster pump water heater inlet, as long as consumers have home storage devices, you can achieve hot water supply, normal bathing. Therefore, the consumer's home had no running water or low water pressure, you can install the storage water heaters.
  ◆When the sale and installation, how to distinguish the pipe installation quality and price.
  Unlike other home appliances electric water heater, are semi-finished products, users need to install the pipe fitting according to the situation at home, the kitchen, the bathroom layout, the installation process requires a lot of support materials, such as: mixing valve, PPR pipes, valves and other communication. A small number of production enterprises regardless of the interests of consumers, by installing inferior materials, material prices and other false profiteering. Thus, consumers in the installation must first identify the quality of materials, the use of brand is not guaranteed regular factory product.
  Storage water heaters installation tips and tricks about the local electric heater during the installation process requires attention. This is the safe use of electric water heaters is very important.

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