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Analysis: storage-type electric water heater market in the first half
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Analysis: storage-type electric water heater market in the first half


    For now, many manufacturers are storage water heaters that the price to sales, is to play a decisive role. Therefore, the emerging market "price war" has become the storage water heaters manufacturers to attract consumers, a common means to seize the market.

    In fact, a change in thinking, the market is an important determinant of the sales price. Especially for the growing Chinese enterprises, growing environmental deterioration of the food chain for the entire industry will have a great challenge.

   Market demand as the end of the food chain, if a significant decline in the amount of product and service needs, it will intensify the pressure throughout the water heaters in the industry of business survival. Reduce market demand, competition among enterprises will be greater, Showmanship has become the most important marketing methods, where the most recent period, a lot of storage-type electric water heater business launched various forms of promotional marketing and public relations activities the purpose is to attract tourists and rate into the store, of course, the price will be the emergence of various forms of decline.

    Since the market affect the sales, then acts as the main market, the impact on consumer sales becomes evident. Therefore, the user attention to storage water heaters companies, is to study the market, an important source of master data consumers.

    In addition to user attention significant decline during the Spring Festival, the rest of the time at about 400-500 floating in the March to May season there have been concerns small peak. The user's attention is bound to affect sales, and drive the price changes, storage water heaters companies to seize the consumer psychological characteristics of consumers, the price advantage of objection handling policy, the artistic charm orderly transaction control them, the price this line of defense will eventually be won.

    First, water heaters consumer groups can be simply divided into third gear:

    Low (bottom) the majority of consumers in general in mainland secondary and tertiary markets. Their concept of consumption and consumer awareness of consumer durables is relatively weak;

    Mid-range (column) the majority of the consumer market, mainly concentrated in the coastal cities and new cities and a few hundred counties, quality consumer group is relatively high, there is a certain appreciation and judgment, rational consumer attitudes are mostly practical; at the consumer level relative high-grade (spire) market, mainly concentrated in the developed or the hypermarket line market. Primary market consumer base level of knowledge, educated, relatively high consumer awareness and a sense of unique products, science and technology, there is a sense of the value of higher expectations.

    Distinction between second and third tier market and the market here, unlike storage water heaters urban divide. Because storage water heaters industry into China is not long, the more attention in the coastal areas of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Jiangsu and significantly high heat. In Tibet, Qinghai, there have been gaps in the market phenomenon, in addition to its geographical reasons, water heaters companies also have to think about opening up the market and open the way other reasons

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