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Eight major analytical products still electric water heater
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Eight major analytical products still electric water heater


一、Electric wall

    Electricity electric wall with water can filter out a way to solve the problem due to the internal insulation electrical tape after the water security issues.


二、PSSecurity systems (anti-gates)

    PS security system can simultaneously monitor the water heater hot, neutral and ground, once the water heater itself, leakage or environmental leakage of electricity, PS security system will instantly cut off the water heater live, neutral and ground, as unplug completely cut off comp open electric water heater circuit.



    Water heater tank is the core component of a direct impact on the safety performance of the water heater, performance and working life. The user should select the water heater water heater care whether the steel sheet material containing titanium, thickness is thick enough, the welding process is advanced and reliable, whether the quality assurance enamel glaze, whether enamelling advanced sintering process and so on. Bide Qi Fu Long titanium liner was carefully developed using advanced technology, which uses the oil pipeline in coating technology, the titanium composite material is applied to the metal sintering temperature, the use of the principle of molecular penetration of the coating and the metal infiltration together to make Tu layer can not come off, has passed 200,000 times fatigue test experiments DIM international standards, to achieve industry-leading level.


四、Electric heating pipe

   Quality electric heating tube directly related to the safe use of the heater. Therefore, in the purchase of food, in addition to interest electric heating power level, the more important concern is electrically heated tube electrical performance.


五、Thermostat (mechanical type)

    Thermostat is used to adjust the water heater temperature device, adjust the range of 30-75 ℃, in this temperature range by turning the knob to set a maximum temperature of heating. Thermostat is normally closed, when the temperature inside the tank reaches the set value, the circuit is opened, the heating was stopped when the water temperature falls below the set temperature 5 ℃, the circuit is closed again, the heating pipes and heating continued to achieve thermostat function.

六、Temperature limiter

    When the temperature limiter work is normally closed, mounted on a water heater, once the interior temperature reaches 93 ℃, close contact separation, dual-stage temperature limiter automatically disconnect, cut off power to ensure electrical safety. And once the two-stage temperature limiter off, maintenance personnel must manually reset it after the water heater to continue.

七、Pressure relief valve

   Is to ensure that the pressure within the tank does not exceed the maximum allowable limit provided security device is a normally closed valve when the pressure within the bladder exceeds 0.7Mp, automatic pressure relief valve pressure relief, while water from the pressure relief mouth outflow, to prevent excessive pressure caused by bladder rupture.

八、Magnesium anode rod

  Mounted on a copper magnesium rod nut outfall nozzle connected, magnesium metal rod is a steel core, since the metal is much higher than the activity of magnesium iron, water, corrosive anion first with magnesium ions, which can prevent the formation of scale and It can be prevented but also to prevent bladder and heating tube corrosion. However, due to the magnesium rods constantly being ionized magnesium ions, so that continuous consumption of magnesium rod is generally one to two years to be replaced again.



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