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  • Management team to build, 10 years of industry experience, allowing you to free use of the [product] is still electrical VIS, offers free store Image Design. Headquarters each year putting in a lot of advertising and promotional costs for the franchisee to easily open market.
  • Business guide: free for you to provide the Service, giving you a smooth opening and complimentary opening spree
  • Tracking services; opened late headquarters and special People, improve the performance of the franchisee, the franchisee without any experience could easily run
  • Regional protection: Follow-level regional headquarters Within the limits of the principle of franchise development, strict protection district, the exclusive agent
  • Marketing support: market strong marketing team Overall operational support, based on the actual situation of the local market franchisee, custom targeted marketing plan overall operations
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Advantages of Professional Development
More than 10 fields of the elite R & D team
More than 10 years of experience in R & D
Each one according to the dynamic design of electric water heaters
Rich customization and development experience
Customized experience more than 1,100 customers and more than 280 customers design development experience
Depending on your product, from the size of the shape, design, sample testing, statistics, performance evaluation completed custom machine
Product range, for a variety of sales channels
Broad category, the whole style, models and more suitable for use in the United States, Suning large home appliances even Locks, electronic commerce; commercial kitchen market; stores, mom and pop and other towns A channel for sales, customer management handy.
Perfect service system and service team
Expert pre-sales technical support, choose the most suitable electric water heater products - saving time
Fast, thoughtful after-sales support, truly one-stop service - peace of mind
Instant response, rapid delivery 3-7 days, one day provide samples - assured
National free advice hotline:400-6358-138
Shunde Shang Electric Co., Ltd.

  Shunde Shang Electric Industrial Co.Electric water heater production is mainly of modern enterprises, located in the scenic Pearl River Delta hinterland Shunde, Guangdong, focusing on electric water heater R & D, design, manufacture and sales of integrated large-scale enterprises.
   The company currently covers an area of 20,000 square meters of modern factories, manufacturing as the main form of thermal energy to electric water heater products as the main chain. In the production of solid strength, large-scale innovative research and development of new products, the industry's first combination of European design, the panel review process pioneered mold IMD molding technique, the first use of LED dot matrix screen design application of innovative enterprises, core technology are at the forefront of the industry for the product is still the world laid a solid foundation. the company set up the factory in the third grade (character, quality, brand). The company's brands: Smith electric water heaters, electric water heaters Qingdao North Gree, music UMC food, Japan Philips electric water heaters, electric water heaters Stanley, Guangzhou cherry electric water heaters, electric water heater Hyundai. Companies pay attention to fashion innovation, people-oriented, quality first, customers first idea of the experience.


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Address:  Guangdong Province Shunde District of Foshan Municipal Town flat Kau DELO VII 

The free service hotline:400-6358-138
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National free advice hotline:400-6358-138
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