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Southwest China energy-saving appliances subsidy restart new air source water heater
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Southwest China energy-saving appliances subsidy restart new air source water heater


       Reporters from the Southwest Commerce Commission understood that more than two years of interruption subsidies for energy-saving appliances will start up again, the category of subsidies are common household appliances such as a television foundation, an increase of air-source water heaters, water purifiers and bicycles and other goods to reach the Class 9 . The first 2015--2016 in Chongqing energy saving product sales business has publicized the list, remove the outer physical stores Dazhong Electronics, Gome, Wangfujing Department Store and other dual-On Shopping Centre, Suning Appliance, Taobao, Jingdong, millet and other commercial enterprises also become part of the subsidies floor channels.

   Subsidies for energy-saving goods increased five kinds

   From 2015 to 2016 year-end, the city of southwest China has started energy efficient appliances promotional pilot tasks related to the purchase fit the standard air-source water heaters, television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, computers (with energy-saving display) units and products groups give financial subsidies. June 2015, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance has launched a new round of energy-saving appliances subsidy policy. In 2013, the promotion of energy-saving appliances subsidy policy expires, the purchase of five categories of consumer goods and energy-saving appliances * 12 * no longer enjoy the financial subsidy. This time, Beijing re-start a new round of subsidies for energy-saving goods, in addition to the original five categories of commodity computer all the reservations, and increases the air source water heater, range hoods, air purifiers, water purifiers and bike five kinds of products, subsidized products to expand to nine categories.  

  Municipal Commission of Commerce according to the relevant public, television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, air-source water heater, range hoods China energy efficiency labeling shall be a primary or secondary energy-efficiency labeling; air purifier to fit the national electrical safety and product performance standards, pollution, particulate matter and formaldehyde energy efficiency needs to reach high efficiency level; toilet water saving through water efficiency certification and level 2 and above products, the market rare 3M three ex UNITA, sea music and other brands of a variety of goods are in the column this catalog will stop the current update; bike fit "bicycle general technical conditions" national standards can be.

   Details subsidies: up to 800 yuan

   Details of the amount of subsidies the people most concerned about, Municipal Commission of Commerce has not yet officially released. It is said that the initial subsidy scheme is graded subsidies, the level of energy-efficient products make up 13%, two energy-efficient products make up 8%, up to no more than 800 yuan, preferential more than four years ago. But the message did not lose Municipal Commission of Commerce confirmed.

   After the subsidized product categories to determine, Municipal Commission of Commerce for the first 2015--2016 energy conservation in Beijing merchandising companies to stop the publicity. In the election of 21 companies, e-business and the store together to become a channel for subsidies floor, where Beijing Science and Technology Taobao, Jingdong, millet technology etc. in the column. To protect suburbia purchase convenience, Southwest, Shunyi, Yanqing, Chang peer companies are elected. 

  Subsidies paid in advance by the merchant

    It is reported that the subsidies to energy saving goods will first be sold to consumers businesses advance, consumers do not need to pay subsidies invoice to the relevant departments, eliminating a lot of trouble. Enterprises can be divided into quarterly Municipal Commission of Commerce to submit the relevant bill, Municipal Commission of Commerce and then a third party accrediting agency review, the final disbursement of funds to subsidize sales enterprise. In order to avoid rendering virtual standard price, secret price increases and other non-standard behavior, Municipal Commission of Commerce will implement the lowest record commodity limited sales enterprise in the qualification period which shall not exceed the price of the record sales of energy saving products. If consumers buy subsidized goods being launched discount promotions, discounts businesses should post sales price calculation of advance subsidy funds. In addition, each company directly managed stores in Beijing all the same type of products to be consistent with price. 

  How subsidy?  

  Detail of the subsidies is that consumers in the purchase of goods from the direct deduction payment when the money subsidy payments, in other words, once handled the acquisition and payment of subsidies, the subsidies paid to simplify processes. For example, if an energy-efficient product selling price 2680 yuan, 700 yuan can enjoy the subsidy, the consumer directly to pay 1980 yuan.

  It is understood that the elected 21 companies, will southwestern region and Commerce Committee of the docking system to stop, to complete the development and upgrading of the system. All elected enterprise, as long as the sale of the nine categories of goods fit the defined energy efficiency rating, which is perhaps a two energy-efficient and energy-saving products into the directory, it is automatically included in the scope of energy subsidies. The energy-saving products catalog is constantly updated.

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